Forget About it!

Diet Support Supplement

Stop feeling guilty when you eat. This calorie balance supplement series will help you enjoy eating again.

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Clear Herb Foot Scrub Soap
Peeling spray

This brand offers total foot care treatments made for our various issues with our feet, such as a foot soap for callous removal, a deodorizing spray, and a foot perfume.

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Lunar Beauty

Yomogi Warming Pads,
6 pieces

This brand offers products specializing in a combination of yomogi (Japanese mugwort) and a warming effect to provide gentle support for the lifestyles of continuously vibrant women.

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Fills You up!X30

Diet Support Candy

Use basil seed which can expand 30 times after absorbs water in a small candy to fill your stomach up!
*It doesn’t necessarily mean that you will feel 30 times more full

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100% ingredients derived from food, Moisturizing Care for Shea Butter and Plant Oil.
*This is not food.

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Enacious pays attention to the vitality of plants and animals that survive in harsh environment. We aim our skin care based on both natural and hypo allergenic ingredients that help clean oily skin.

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What is Graphico?

We are a manufacture which sell cosmetics, health foods, or everyday sundries to drug stores, GMS, or other retail stores. Our field of expertise is mainly for female, and we own exceptional “theory based on an analysis” and “sense of consumer behavior”. We have produced many of million sellers as “Forget About It!” ”FootMedi” “Lunar Beauty “or “Fill You Up x30” into the market.

Sumiyo HasegawaPresident and Chief Executive Officer
Sumiyo Hasegawa